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Fully Equipped Camper Vans For Your Maui Experience!

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ADVENTURE? We hope the answer is as enthusiastic as the question, because Go Camp Maui came into existence in order to fuel a passion for adventure; we believe that van camping on Maui is the essential beginning ingredient for your island adventure.  Embarking on a van camping Maui adventure is a dream come true for many however, it's crucial to understand camping regulations and the need to rent designated campsites. That’s why we’re here not only to rent your your adventure vehicle but with van camping advice, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free experience.


Van Camping on Maui: Book Your Campsite AHEAD of Time

First and foremost, it's important to emphasize that van camping on Maui requires booking a designated campsite in advance. The burst of excitement that comes with planning your journey should include reserving a spot at one of the island's picturesque campgrounds. From the lush Wai'anapanapa State Park to the rugged beauty of Hosmer Grove Campground, these sites offer a refuge amidst Maui's natural wonders. Maui has no shortage of unbelievable camp grounds, but we’ve compiled a list of our top choices here


You Can Only Camp …Where you Can Camp


As you hit the road in your van, remember that parking and camping are not permitted everywhere on Maui. Bursting with natural beauty, the island requires visitors to respect its fragile ecosystems and adhere to regulations. Engage in responsible travel by familiarizing yourself with the designated campgrounds and respecting their rules. This mindfulness ensures the preservation of Maui's pristine landscapes for future generations.


Embrace and Respect Your Surroundings While Camping


While van camping on Maui, take advantage of the endless opportunities to immerse yourself in nature and embrace the diversity of Maui's campgrounds. From the coastal splendor of Olowalu Campground to the lush tranquility of Kipahulu Campgrounds, each site offers a unique experience. Park your van amidst the swaying palm trees, let the sounds of crashing waves lull you to sleep, and wake up to a new day filled with island exploration.

While venturing off the beaten path can be tempting, it's essential to respect the burstiness of Maui's cultural and environmental heritage. Engage with the local community, savor the flavors of the island, and adhere to the conservation efforts in place. Take only photographs, leave only footprints, and let your presence on Maui contribute to its preservation.

Van camping on Maui presents a unique opportunity to journey through the island at your own pace and with limitless possibilities as long as you adhere to designated campsites and respect for the island's regulations. Even the preparation for your camper van experience is exciting! Browse through the plethora of campsites Maui has to offer and get excited about the incredible landscapes you’ll see, people you’ll meet, and more! Start with a camper van rental from Go Camp Maui and let the incredible spirit of Maui do the rest; let Maui's spirit guide you as you embark on an unforgettable van camping adventure, leaving footprints of awe and appreciation in your wake.