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Fully Equipped Camper Vans For Your Maui Experience!

Ever heard of Kīpahulu Campground in Maui? No? Well, that's because it's one of those hidden gems that's somehow stayed under the radar. And honestly, we kind of love that about it. That’s why we’re here to tell you all about this incredible camping option for your Maui adventure. So join us here at Go Camp Maui as we uncover the allure of Kīpahulu.


Kīpahulu Campground at a Glance


Kīpahulu Campground in Maui is an exceptional place to camp (and a great spot for car camping). Nestled in the lush environs of Haleakalā National Park, this campground offers easy car access and a genuinely immersive nature experience. The campground is situated close to the famous 'Ohe'o Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools), providing a unique opportunity to explore these natural wonders. With spacious sites suitable for both tents and car campers, Kīpahulu is ideal for those who love the convenience of car camping but also yearn for a deep connection with nature, including access to extraordinary hiking trails and breathtaking waterfalls.


The Journey to Kīpahulu: More Than Just a Drive


First things first: you should know that getting there is half the adventure. Driving to Kīpahulu is an experience in itself – winding roads, lush landscapes, and views that'll make you want to stop every 5 minutes for photos. It's like nature's teasing you, giving you a little preview of what's to come.

Setting Up Camp at Kīpahulu: Where the Rainforest Meets the Ocean


Arriving at Kīpahulu campground, you're greeted by the kind of scenery that postcards wish they could capture. This campground, nestled in the Haleakalā National Park, is where the dense Hawaiian rainforest cozies up to the Pacific Ocean. This unique campground offers a rang of activities for outdoor and nature enthusiasts. 


The Pools of ‘Ohe’o: A Swim You Won't Forget


A stone's throw from the campsite, you'll find the 'Ohe'o Gulch, often called the Seven Sacred Pools (but really, there's way more than seven). These natural pools, fed by waterfalls, are perfect for a refreshing dip. Just exercise caution and respect the power of nature – it's beautiful but can be unpredictable.


Hiking the Trails: Walk Through a Living Postcard


For the hikers out there, Kīpahulu's trails are pure bliss. The Pipiwai Trail, for instance, is a trek through a bamboo forest that feels like something out of a fantasy movie. And the prize at the end? The breathtaking Waimoku Falls.


The Night Sky: A Cosmic Show Like No Other


One of our favorite things about Kīpahulu? The night sky. Far from the city lights, the stars here are on a whole new level of amazing.


Eco-Friendly Camping at Kīpahulu: Love the Land, Leave No Trace


Important note, folks – let's keep Kīpahulu as pristine as we found it. This place is a treasure, and it's up to us to preserve it. Stick to the trails, respect the wildlife, and always, always leave no trace.


Why Kīpahulu is a Must-Visit Campground

Kīpahulu Campground is more than just a place to pitch a tent (or park your camper van rental). It's an escape into a world where nature's at its purest. Whether you're here to hike, swim, stargaze, or just chill, this place has a way of reminding you what's truly important – connecting with the world around you, and maybe, discovering a bit more about yourself in the process.

So, when you're planning your Maui adventure, make sure Kīpahulu is on your list. It's an experience that will stick with you long after you've left.