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Fully Equipped Camper Vans For Your Maui Experience!

Maui is a nature lover’s and hiker's paradise, offering a diverse range of trails that cater to every skill level and adventure seeker. As nature-lovers ourselves, we love encouraging visitors to truly appreciate the wonders of this tropical paradise by visiting the best hikes on Maui. In this blog, we'll lead you through our top island recommendations– from scenic coastal paths to challenging treks through lush rainforests.

Explore the Island’s Natural Beauty with the Best Hikes on Maui

Waihe'e Ridge Trail 

For panoramic coastal views that will leave you speechless, the Waihe'e Ridge Trail is a must-visit. This moderate-level hike takes you through a forested ridge, offering breathtaking vistas of the coastline and lush valleys below.


Haleakalā Crater

Hiking the Haleakalā Crater is a surreal experience. Witness the sunrise from the summit or embark on a trek into the crater itself. The volcanic landscapes, unique flora, and awe-inspiring vistas make this hike unforgettable. Plus, our camper van rentals make this hike even more accessible!


Pipiwai Trail

Not only one of the best hikes on Maui, but one of our favorite places overall, the Pipiwai Trail is famous for its bamboo forest and the incredible Waimoku Falls. This moderate-to-difficult hike takes you through a lush rainforest, past bamboo groves, and culminates in the awe-inspiring sight of the 400-foot waterfall.


Iao Valley State Park

Iao Valley State Park offers an easy, family-friendly hike with historical significance. Explore the verdant valley, learn about Hawaiian culture, and marvel at the iconic Iao Needle, a towering green pinnacle.


Sliding Sands Trail

Descend into the volcanic wonderland of Haleakalā by hiking the Sliding Sands Trail. This moderate-to-difficult hike offers a unique perspective of the crater's otherworldly landscapes, with opportunities to explore cinder cones and colorful rocks.


Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area 

Escape into a tranquil forest wonderland at the Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area. The park offers a network of trails through lush forests of redwoods, eucalyptus, and pine trees, providing a cool, shaded retreat.


Kapalua Coastal Trail

For a leisurely coastal stroll with breathtaking ocean views, the Kapalua Coastal Trail is perfect. This easy hike winds along the coast, passing by pristine beaches, rocky coves, and natural tide pools.


Explore the Best Hiking on Maui

No matter your hiking experience or fitness level, Maui has a trail that will captivate your spirit and reward you with unforgettable views and experiences. The best hikes on Maui offer an opportunity to connect with nature and discover the island's diverse landscapes–just like Go Camp Maui. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a casual stroller, there's a trail waiting for you. Plan your hiking adventure in Maui today and get ready to explore the beauty of the Valley Isle on foot!

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