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Fully Equipped Camper Vans For Your Maui Experience!

If you’re thinking about embarking on a camping trip on Maui, then you’re in store for an adventure like no other! But, to ensure a comfortable and memorable journey, it's important to be equipped with the right camping gear rental on Maui. That’s why Go Camp Maui offers tons of gear along with our van rentals, so when you book a camper van with us you get your transportation, your bed, AND your gear all in one easy transaction! Let's explore the essential equipment and highlight the perks of camper van rentals.


Camping Gear Rentals on Maui


First and foremost, you should know everything that comes with our camper vans:

-A full tank of gas 

-Fuel efficient/ Automatic transmission

-Full size raised platform bed with a comfortable tri-folding foam mattress and mattress topper.

-Pillows/linens/1 Blanket and 2 Beach towels

-2 Camp Chairs

-1 Cooler

-2 Burner camp stove + 1 propane


-Pots/pan/plates/cups/tongs/sporks/knife/can opener/spatula/cutting board

-Camp lighter/tinfoil/cooking oil


-Camp soap/sponge/dish towel

-AUX port/USB port/USB charger

-Mesh open window coverings for night

-Rear windows are tinted with additional sunshades

-UBB rechargeable fan

-First aid kit

-Beautiful map of Maui

-Additional sunshade


The Comforts of Home in you Camp Vehicle


One of the essentials for camping gear rental on Maui is a full foam mattress with a topper. This comfort ensures that you awake refreshed and ready to embrace each day's adventures. Alongside the mattress, include sheets, pillows, and a cozy blanket. Don't forget about our beach towels, as Maui's stunning shores beckon you for a burst of sun-soaked relaxation!

Eatin’ Good


For your culinary delight, we’ve equipped your camper van with a cooler, camp chairs, and a two-burner camp stove with propane. The cooler keeps your beverages and fresh produce cool and refreshing throughout your journey. With the camp chairs, find the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and soak in Maui's scenic vistas. The two-burner camp stove with propane allows you to whip up a burst of delicious meals, embracing the flavors of the island. To help you fully indulge with our camping gear rental on Maui, we also include essential cutlery and cookware. This ensures you have the tools needed to prepare meals and savor the flavors of local produce. 


Extras for the Best Camping Experience


The sun in Maui is one of Hawaii’s main draws, but it's also essential to have sun shades to shield yourself from its intense rays. Protect your skin and seek refuge under the shades, allowing you to explore the island's wonders without the pain of a sunburn.

For modern convenience, our vans come with auxiliary and USB outlets. This allows you to charge your electronic devices, ensuring you stay connected and capture the burst of memorable moments on camera. Additionally, having A/C in your camper van offers comfort during warm Maui days, allowing you to retreat to a refreshing oasis after your adventures.


Renting a camper van on Maui offers convenience and freedom needed for an unforgettable journey. When you’re planning your ideal Hawaiian vacation and looking into camping gear rental on Maui, just remember all the comfort and adventure you’ll experience with one of Go Camp Maui’s converted vans, equipped with all you need for your island getaway. With the right gear, your Maui camper van adventure will be an immersive experience of exploration and excitement!